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  • There Trionic Walker is the new premium class among rollatorsis really only one thing to say…

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    There is really only one thing to say about my Trionic Walker and that is FABULOUS. The design and engineering are just superb - you have thought of everything. My Trionic has absolutely changed my life I am getting stronger every day.


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    It’s so easy to use and great to walk with, it also keeps me upright. Apart from my husband it’s my best friend.

    Service was excellent and also the follow-up.

  • Great Shutterbug Tool

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    Since turning 72, it was getting extremely difficult to attend air shows, races and take nature walks with my photo gear. I bought the Veloped so I could put a large camera bag in the front basket and have a place to sit when I got in position. It has worked very well, and I’m sure the benefits will compound as time marches on.

    I’m sure other new owners like me experience a learning curve with use, and for me, it was the brakes. Unfortunately, I went to the bike shop, and $30.00 later, I was worse off than when I started but with help and guidance from the Trionic people, I was able to understand the process and complete the adjustments myself. The process is spelled out adequately in the instructions, and I’m mechanically inclined, but like most humans, we tend to overthink and complicate the simplest of things. Don’t panic; take a deep breath and email support if you need to. They are there for you and more than willing to help.

  • Freedom with safety

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    My wife uses the Walker 12er. She has been severely disabled for years following a serious accident and was only able to participate to our walks with Nordic Walking poles as walking aids. In January 2023, after purchasing the Veloped 14er to alleviate my walking problems, which had increased massively due to Parkinson's disease, and once again being able to walk distances on off-road trails, fields and woods, my wife decided to purchase the Walker 12er after a test ride with my Veloped. She is as enthusiastic as I am. It has given us back some freedom and mobility. The ability to rest on the middle seat is an important added benefit for both of us.
    Trionic quality has its price. In return, we got freedom of movement and safety in our outdoor activities.

    Freedom with safety
  • Heavy but incredible advantage everywhere in the city and on ALL paths.

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    My mother (87) is happy. Thanks to pneumatic tyres and big wheels, she can finally take part in city life again. Other (usual) walkers had caused severe pain in her shoulder.

  • Brake lever adapter / converter

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    Contact was easy, courteous and helpful.
    Delivery was quick and straightforward and the part fitted as expected.

    Single-Hand Brake RIGHT
  • Out on a snowy day!

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    The Trionic veloped is excellent in the snow.
    We had a good coverage of snow in Berkshire today. I was able to walk to work with support of the Trionic Veloped.

    Out on a snowy day!
  • Super article

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    We are absolutely satisfied.
    The rollator is really exclusive.
    You don't feel as if you are using a "walking aid". We are often asked how great it looks, not as "rickety" as all the others you get.
    And it is nice and light.
    We are happy to recommend the Trionic.

  • Keeps the weather off

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    Had this for a few months; easy to fit, the clips keep it in position and it gives it good protection as needed.

  • Everything is great

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    I don't have any photos yet, but other than that, everything is great.

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  • My Veloped has improved my quality of life unbelievably!…

    Probably a little too early for a full review yet as I have only had my 14” medium nearly two weeks but already it has accompanied me on a two day mountain First Aid Course at Plas-y-Brenin in North Wales where it behaved impeccably clambering over b…

  • Best quality…

    My second walker to use at home. Fits through all doors.
    Best quality. I am very satisfied.…

  • The order was delivered fast and correctly, works as described. THANK YO…

    Hi, My Trionic has given me support and good traction even in the snowy climate in Luleå, Norrbotten and in a way that Mr. Counsil never has been able to or was intended to do.
    For me, Trionic is absolutely necessary for my rehabilitation when it co…

  • All Terrain Walker…

    This walker has been extremely sturdy and has been used over very challenging ground. Without this walker, we would not have been able to go on the walks we have or have seen some beautiful sites. We have put it through some difficult tests and it ha…

  • Top class rollator…

    The Veloped Sport 12er I ordered arrived super packed and the assembly was done in a few minutes. The safe and reliable brakes are particularly noteworthy. Thanks to the pneumatic tyres and the handles, there is no pain in the upper arm, shoulder and…

  • Walking out is FUN again !!…

    A beautifully designed and engineered product, and being so robust gives so much more confidence in comparison to lesser competitors. After a few months of lockdown, I can now get the exercise I need - and really enjoying it.

    Thank You for such an…

  • Confidence…

    The Trionic 14er has enabled my wife to make great progress in her rehabilitation following a stroke. She has confidence in its stability and steering and this has given her the confidence to get out and walk. Worth the investment without reserve.…

  • John…

    I bought this walker for my wife. Now thanks to the design with inflated tyres all the jarring in her hands and arms has now gone and it is now nice to go for a walk.…

  • Free with the Veloped…

    Really! Finally, I can start walking again with my partner. The security that the Veloped gives me allows me to go to the beach and the lawns when I’m on vacation. At home, we walk along the river or in the forest. Enjoying nature together without he…

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