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Trionic Primera tire 14”

Trionic Primera tire 14”

Article no.: 11-40-123
GTIN: 7350038033598
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Light, strong and puncture resistant. The Trionic Primera has a carcass made from a high-quality weave with 60 fine threads per square inch (60 TPI), that makes the tire light, comfortable and puncture resistant. The air compartment of the tire works as a natural suspension. The smooth tread suits tarmac, cobblestones and hard surfaces.

With T-Guard puncture protection, "Skin Wall" and reflective logo.

Dimension (inch): 14 x 2.00"

Dimension (mm): 50-254 (tire width-rim diameter)

Weight: 320 gr.

Rec. pressure: 1.5-2.0 Bar / 20-30 PSI

Max. pressure: 4.6 Bar / 69 PSI

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