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BioKork Grips Large

Ergonomic and superior-quality BioKork grips from German supplier Ergon.

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Advantage by setting the angle

Ergonomical benefits to beable to set the grips to your preferred profileResponsive image

The unique qualities of cork make the BioKork grips antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Cork's natural damping qualities make it an idea grip material, and the grips offer optimal pressure distribution. Thanks to the aluminium clamp the angle of the grip is adjustable, and you can set your preferred individual grip angle for an optimal support. The GP1 BioKork grips fit all 2015 models of the Veloped and the Walker. Size: L (hand size 8.5-12)

Hand Grip Sizing help

As hand size is different from person to person, Trionic offers the Ergon GP ranges in two sizes - Small and Large. This difference is in the diameter of the grip. The reason for this is that a larger hand is better able to grip a larger grip with less stress and effort. This is the same in reverse for small grip. A smaller hand needs a smaller grip to allow the hand to close around it. Of course, this is all also down to personal preference.

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Size: 6.5-8.5

Size: 8.5-10.5

Ergon GP1 Awards

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