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Payment Options

Choose between 3 payment options

As a Trionic customer you can choose between 3 payment options:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer

Card payment Visa / MasterCard

You enter your card details into a secure online-order form when making your purchase in our webshop.

All transactions between a customer and Trionic Canada/Dual FX Ltd are always protected and safeguarded by utilising secure technology standards (SSL/HTTPS).


You create a PayPal account online, SSL-certified, and transfer the purchase amount to your PayPal-account via your bank or credit card.

You can also pay directly with your credit card, without opening a PayPal account.

Wire transfer

By choosing wire transfer, please contact Trionic Canada/Dual FX Ltd. We will provide you with detailed banking and payment information. After Trionic Canada/Dual FX Ltd has received your payment, your order is shipped

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